At the age of 21, Salvatore Giuliano was 1 meter 66 centimeters tall. This is evidenced by his identity card issued by the Podesta of Montelepre municipality on April 7, 1943.
The document also refers to the residence of Giuliano, Di Bella 191 and distinctive signs: “average physique” and “scar on the face”.
Alleged date of death: July 5, 1950, probably, added later. However, we need to understand to what extent the data stated in identity documents is reliable. The data is confirmed by the medical expert Livio Milone who had conducted an exhumation in the cemetery of Montelepre.

According to the experts the body height is in between of 1.60 and 1.70 meters. Although for the family, Turiddu was about one and a half centimeters in height. “He is certainly not a small guy,” says his nephew Giuseppe Sciortino, who shows pictures of his uncle alongside his mother, father, sisters and Gaspare Pisciotta.
“I do not want to make hasty conclusions, but I can say that he was not six feet tall for sure, but a little more, almost six feet in height. Identity card, – continues Sciortino – was issued when he was very young, and my mother told me, that my uncle had a late bloom”.