«Military art is endowed with such a power that can turn a commoner to a King, and turn a King into a commoner» (“The Prince” Niccolo Machiavelli)

Notably this quote most accurately characterizes the strategic concept of the movie “No fear, no regret”, the movie dedicated to the study of the “Turridu” phenomenon – a legendary Sicilian Salvatore Giuliano. Indeed, one might be born a farmer, but become the “King of Montelepre”, on the other hand one might be the king of Italy, but give away power to the republic. Among other things, this was the phenomenon that sparked an interest of the scientist Oleg Maltsev director of the movie; it was this very reason that stands behind the creation of the documentary movie “No fear, no regret.”

The hero, traitor, legend, separatist, and namely a national hero of Sicily …
Salvatore Giuliano is perhaps one of the most controversial personalities of the XX century. There is an obvious polarity of opinions starting from admiration, deep respect of Sicilians and the status of “Montelepre King” ending with an awe felt by officials and representatives of the Italian Parliament of the very name “Giuliano” alone even after his death. However, the key pillar of the film is precisely the phenomenon of Salvatore Giuliano himself – the transformation from a respectable Sicilian man with an innate sense of justice into a hero, a symbol of Sicilian patriotism. This man, in fact, was capable of opposing to the regular Italian army.

The prime tool of researching the phenomenon of Salvatore Giuliano, in this case, is going to be depth psychology, since the concept of an unconscious is directly related to skills of a human being. For this reason the film “No fear, no regret” is plotted in the form of a multi-vector analytical paradigm. This kind of approach allows the viewer not only to become a participant in the research, but also make his own conclusions about how one can acquire power and become a legend, being born in a penurious family.

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